Day #357 - Jigsaws

Creativity and Imagination

Mar 15, 2023


Jigsaws are made to fit together, with a set number of pieces that fit in one way. But for the rest of our lives, the number of pieces is unclear, or the picture may be missing. Our core traits, of imagination, curiosity, and creativity, help us to navigate this. We learn to fit things together in different ways, but not endless ones.

Whilst creativity will carry us far, our imagination - and our imagination of possible ways of being - are limited by lived experience and our learned ideas of what is ‘right’. So certain things persist, because we fail to imagine them away.

Use your sixty seconds today to think about this: what is something that is so ‘true’ that it just remains in place. Something that always sits in your jigsaw.

And to ask yourself if it really has to be part of the picture.

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